When was the last time a feature film actually took your passion for cars seriously? Have you been waiting for a realistic film about building cars and street racing?

A car enthusiast movie WITHOUT:

  • Minute long drag races with millisecond jump cuts and 15 speed gearboxes.
  • Sped up footage to give the illusion of speed.
  • Danger to manifold and other pseudo-tech.
  • Cheesy random engine noises dubbed over footage of a car obviously driving slowly.

A car enthusiast movie WITH:

  • PURE ENGINE SOUNDS! We respect your knowledge as a car enthusiast because we are car enthusiasts too.
  • Live action racing scenes.
  • A realistic depiction of young male and female car enthusiasts building and racing tough street cars.

A car enthusiast movie that understands that…

  • you already know the difference between a 4 cylinder, 5 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, inline 4, flat 4, inline 6, V6, V8, RB26, 2JZ, 13B, 5 Litre, SR20, B16, EJ20 etc etc.
  • you know what sound should be coming from what car and we want to respect that.
  • you’ve been to a real race meet, and have experienced seeing cars that are louder, tougher and more violent than any sound production company could imagine.

And finally, a car enthusiast movie that respects your knowledge and experience, because like us, you’ve built it / converted it / supercharged it / turbocharged it / blown it up / skidded it / dragged it / drifted it / raced it / crashed it, or aspire to do any of the above!



Well Get Ready For:


A young suburban man who lives for building and illegally street racing his car, meets a woman who helps him face something more terrifying than speed and pursuing police combined.

For this illegal street racer, the police are the last of his troubles.

Would you pay approximately USD$10.99 to see this movie on a paid video on demand website?


Every vote will help in securing funding to get this project made. If we can show that there are enough people out there who want to see this film, the higher the likelihood of making this happen.


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So, what else can we tell you about this movie?

Set in Sydney Australia in the early 2000’s during the start of the EFI V8 era and heyday of the Japanese turbo era, just that time before the LS, and Aussie Barra were dominating the engine swap scene. The right spot for some nostalgia, so you can guess what sort of cars and engines will be tearing up the streets.

Live action racing scenes showing:

  • Street racing in empty industrial estates
  • Street meet style drag racing at a legitimate motorsport facility
  • Drifting on a skidpan
  • Runs through a twisty country road (for the Aussies think Royal Nasho)
  • Burnouts
  • Powerskids
  • and the good old traffic light Grand Prix.


Pure engine sounds:

We want the movie cars to actually have the engines that you want to hear, and we want to record them doing exactly what you are seeing on the screen.


A healthy mix of Japanese turbos, Euro’s and modern Aussie V8 muscle.

Let’s face it, if it goes it goes. A true enthusiast respects the performance no matter what it is, and all of the enthusiasts we know love a whole range of different cars no matter what make or engine configuration they have.  There is no us vs them, no V8’s are good Turbos are bad or vice versa. Respect where respect is due when you put in the blood sweat and tears to building your ride, especially on a shoestring budget.


Women have participated at every event we’ve ever been to, so why are they depicted so poorly in car films?

We do not believe in the typical film industry misogynistic depiction of women in the car scene.  Sadly, in this genre, woman are shown as an accessory to the hobby or worse, as a prize.  In our experience this is completely untrue and frankly demeaning and insulting to the many women that love cars and who are just as capable working on, modifying, and racing their own cars. They love cars, they are out there building, racing, skidding, drifting, dragging and cruising their cars right now. We know this because they are our mates, our family, we race beside them at events, they lend us a hand when we need it and they’re just as keen to talk shop. They are just as much a part of the car scene as anyone, so why aren’t they ever depicted this way in films? We hope everyone reading this feels the same way and we strive to destroy this negative perception with our female co-protagonist in this film. We can say without a doubt in all of the years we have been into cars, we have never ever attended an event, legal or illegal that hasn’t had a woman participating in it.


What can we tell you about us?

Hold It Flat Productions is a production company dedicated to making a movie by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. We have a script that we love and we have a team who want this movie to be made. Did you ever get excited to see a movie about your passion only to walk out disappointed because they turned it into a cartoon? Or that it was advertised as an enthusiast’s film only to have 5mins of actual car footage?

We know dem feels! That’s why we’ve developed a script that won’t make a joke of building, modifying, skidding, racing, and drifting cars. We want our film and sound production team to be head up by car enthusiasts who know what it is to turn a spanner and swap an engine. Who know what it is to be lying on a cold concrete floor in the middle of the night trying to get the bloody thing going because you’ve booked in for an event the next day. To have attended and participated in illegal street racing meets (shhhh! don’t tell), to have been to car meets and entered into legitimate racing events. To have cruised the city strip and blasted through the twisties on a country road. To have dedicated their time, money, sweat, blood, tears and life to their passion for cars.

So please offer your support in the form of your vote to let us know you’ll watch this movie, then share this page to as many of your friends and onto as many of your groups as possible. It’s the job of a Film funding body to say NO unless we can show them that there are enough people out there that want this movie made. Help us make it impossible for them to say no, and we’ll do our best to finally put a film out there that’s worthy of the past great car enthusiast films.


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